They say one person’s music is another person’s noise. We all have our favorites but them superstars also started out from scratch. But what if you wanted to sample tracks of fresh, upcoming artists? Well, fret no more, because this is the place where you can take your music listening senses to the next level.

Its also a safe and secure environment for independent musicians to leave their calling card by way of their samples. Upload your samples here and keep track of how many times they are being downloaded. Its legal, easy and a completely new way to connect with your audiences.

A Little About Us

Whatever the emotion, there is always a song or tune for the occasion. There are studies to back it up. The music industry is not just about mainstream artists. Independent artists have a role to play too. Sadly, they get left out on the fringe, having to support their initial advertisement of talent through gigs at clubs and similar yet expensive options.

At Sonic SwitchBlade, we offer a platform for musicians and their audiences to interact with one another with a freedom that is unprecedented to say the least. Take requests from your fans, create music for specific clientele, or just share them. This is that one place that offers you all this and much more.

For music lovers, it couldn’t get any better. Sampling high res music is as easy as requesting for a track and we will let you know via email when its available for download. And if you are a member, then there’s tons of music that you can download from us free of cost, and that too with single user rights. In other words, this is as close as it can get to free, legal music downloads.