Welcome to our premium service where we take B2B solutions to the next level with respect to music makers and prospective clients on the lookout for fresh, catchy tracks.

Its simple – send us a request via our contact form, and an executive from our end will get in touch with you to understand your needs and create a viable business solution and tariff model tailored to your specific needs.

Q. How Does The Payment System Work?

All payments in the Client Mode are to go through us. As such, the client shall pay us and we shall transfer the same to the artist to his/her back account after deducting our service and other related charges.

We shall be party to all escrows thus enabling faster payouts with minimal complications. It expedites conflict resolution that may arise between parties from time to time. We currently accept the following currencies:

US Dollar (USD)

British Pound (GBP)

Euros (EUR)

Q. What Will It Cost Me?

We treat it like a pipeline. On the one end, there is the clients with a desire to incorporate music into their commercial or public venture, and other side there are the artists, who are the source.

If you are an artist, then you do not have to pay anything to enroll into the Client Mode. However, once a deal is struck between you and a client, we as the mediating party will reserve 5% for our services and 2% for insurance. Please note that these charges will apply every time a new deal is struck with a client.

If you are a client, then you will need to pay in order to avail our Client Mode service. The charges are variable dependent on the type of commercial use and the reach of the company. Payments are recurring, and they can be paid on a monthly, yearly or contract-wise basis.

Please note that we shall levy a small charge for conflict resolution because our financial and logistic support is taken from reputed third-party internet escrow service providers. They shall assist both parties to ensure that any pending conflict of pay is resolved in a maximum time of 15 days.

Q. How do I get in touch with your team?

Please make use of our contact form to leave us with pertinent details about your role (client or artist) as well as any other queries that you may have regarding the program. We shall update your details in our database immediately and someone from our administrative team will get back to you to initiate the process.

It is paramount that you let us know of all your needs at that point of time so that we may devise the best plan for you. But don’t worry if you have missed out anything. We can always include it at a later time, and revise the fee structure accordingly.