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Most of us have a very poor understanding of the process of applying for credit. We tend to just go straight to the credit agencies and let them apply for our loan.

A variety of measures to improve your credit score

But the reality is that the credit agencies know far more about you than they do about your credit history. That is why you need to give them every piece of information they need, including any outstanding loans, pending debts or credit accounts that you may have.

If you are having problems with your credit score then you need to be aware that there are laws and ways in which you can legally request information from the credit bureaus. This is another reason that it is very important to monitor your credit score at least twice a year.

The three credit bureaus are Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. And they all have similar credit reports but some of these reports may have different timings.

Each of the three companies will use a variety of measures to improve your credit score. The type of repair work will vary depending on the nature of your credit card debt.

Need to get a copy of your credit score

Need to get a copy of your credit score

Let’s start with the annual fee and what you can do if you find that they are not helping your credit score any longer. The three bureaus have different types of annual fees, but they generally run anywhere from $50 – $200.

So when checking out your credit report to make sure that there is an annual fee listed as this can signal that there is something wrong with your credit report. Also check to see how much is going to be charged for accessing your credit score.

The same thing applies if you find that you have errors on your credit report. You can stop the mistakes by contacting the credit agency and asking them to remove any negative entries on your credit report.

If you would like to put an end to all of your credit problems then you will need to get a copy of your credit score. You can get a free credit report from each of the three credit bureaus once a year.

Keep track of your credit score every month

Keep track of your credit score every month

You also need to make sure that all of your credit history has been reported accurately. You can request an annual report to make sure that all of your information is correct.

If you think that you may be struggling with credit problems then you need to ensure that you keep track of your credit score every month. The more you are able to monitor your credit score the better.

These three major credit repair agencies are authorized to give you free credit reports. You can request that your credit history is completely corrected if you think that your credit history is inaccurate.

Go Online For Short Term Loans Wed, 15 Jul 2020 14:43:15 +0000 Read more »]]> Nowadays, most people prefer to get short-term loans. The reason for this is that most of the lenders are going online. They are providing these short term loans without incurring any cost in advance.

Before going online, it is best to ensure the mode of repayment. There are so many companies that provide this type of loan. You just need to find out the type of loans you want and then make sure that you do not end up paying the loan back in the end.

Different types of loans

Different types of loans

Different types of loans like unsecured loans, secured loans, bad credit loans, etc. are available online. It is a wise move to find out the terms and conditions of the company before signing up.

If you are in search of a loan for bad credit, you need to make sure that the company you are going to deal with is not a scam. There are many bad credit businesses online that are not legitimate. Such people may offer very low-interest rates and do not really care about their customers. This may result in a loss of money.

You should always do research before getting a loan. This helps you a lot in avoiding potential financial problems. Before going online, there are many things that you need to consider.

You should first know what you need to pay

You should first know what you need to pay

Do you need a larger loan? Or do you need a smaller one? What type of repayment do you require?

It is also important to note the duration of the loan. When you know all these aspects, you can go online and find the right lender for your needs.

It is a good idea to get some counseling before dealing with companies who are offering loans to those with financial hardships. This will help you get prepared.

It is recommended to get a secured loan if you are facing a huge amount of credit card bills or have a big percentage interest rate. On the other hand, if you have a perfect credit score and want an unsecured loan, then go online.

When you are trying to apply for short term loans, you should make sure that the company you are dealing with is legitimate. It is true that there are some fraudsters online. But, there are also a lot of companies offering loans to those with bad credit.

Online lending has made a long way

Online lending has made a long way

Borrowers are required to be approved by lenders within 30 days. If you do not want to face further financial woes, you should do your research well. This will help you get your loan approved in time.

Online lending has made a long way for us in getting loans. Now, we can deal with online lenders and get approval much faster than offline lenders.

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Today, a few words about how to avoid the pitfalls of payday loans. When I walk along the main streets of Piotrków Trybunalski, attention is getting more and more frequently appearing points offering payday loans.

People offering these loans have weathered a good deal. And they are outdoing each other in leafleting the city, putting up ads so that only the client enters them.

The Loan and Credit poster is in the other company’s trip

Recently, he told me a colleague who has his office in the very center of the city, that another office has opened near him, which is closely watching the competition. When a friend sends a girl with leaflets to her home to promote, for example, Loan and Credit, then the Loan and Credit poster is in the other company’s trip. When he gives any other leaflets, the ladies from this second point quickly change the poster.

Well, what if the customer is wrong and will not go where it is needed. Recently, kiosks have also been offering Loan and Credit loans. The question arises as to how desperate you need to be to deal with serious matters because of your household budget on the street.

I have been on the financial market for almost fifteen years

I have been on the financial market for almost fifteen years

I am observing this market, I know people who operate on it, but also many people who are regulars in loan companies. A person drops into the office and asks if I have anything new? I answer no, well, it runs on and looks for this one more neck loop. I am an advisor and I also have payday loans and multi-installments on offer, but when I talk to a client, I want him to make a conscious debt.

If he takes one payday payday and doesn’t pay it off, because he won’t have anything to do with it, there is a high risk of taking the next payday and the next payday etc. Finishing, I invite indebted people to the office for an interview, to help me organize my household budget.

And if someone needs payday pay or other financing, let them come too. Talking about important family matters will be easier in the comfort of your office.

Bad credit payday loan -We provide online payday loans for bad credit Tue, 19 Feb 2019 05:49:15 +0000 Read more »]]> We provide online payday loans for bad credit

Do you also long for the sun? Is it starting to itch all ready to book this well-deserved summer vacation? Maybe you do not only wonder where you want to go this year but also how you will pay for it. Maybe it’s not going to be financially right now? ThenĀ head to www.mandello.orgĀ  for online payday loans for bad credit, they can offer a solution.

Borrowing money can provide breathing space in different ways. A project that you want to realize, a car you want to buy, or a new home. The opportunities do not stop and sometimes you have to seize the opportunity when it presents itself. Once you have decided that you need a loan, take out a loan that best suits your specific situation. There are different types of loans. Mortgage loans or consumer credits are usually offered to private individuals. And they both exist in many different variants. Your lender is obliged to advise you and to propose the right loan for your situation. Creditors are therefore obliged to provide you with an information sheet about the loan you wish to take out. The key information about your loan is summarized in this sheet:

  • how long you have to repay each amount every month;
  • how much interest you have to pay;
  • an overview of the costs (including the annual percentage rate);
  • possible compulsory insurance;
  • any guarantees that will be requested from you as security for the reimbursement.

The information sheets allow you to compare the terms and conditions of different creditors in a uniform way before you decide, just as you compare apples with apples. Lenders do not work for free. But they compete with each other and that can play to your advantage. Inform yourself about the conditions with various creditors. Maybe another lender is willing to give you better conditions than the bank where you have been a customer for years. Comparing loans is the easiest to do online. With the help of your laptop or your phone and access to the Internet, you can quickly and easily discover what your options are. Done with long waiting times in the bank. Done with a half-day vacation to record in order to meet your appointment with your credit advisor. Online advice is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for you! Almost every lender has a site on which you can carry out loan simulations. You can then make an estimate in advance of how much a loan will eventually cost that institution. Performing loan simulations is best done on the website of the provider itself, so you are sure that the most current interest rates are always used. Perform a simulation to easily find out what it costs to borrow 2000 euros, for example. In addition, you can easily find out what it costs to borrow just a bit more, or on the other hand, use a little more savings for your purchase. One last tip. Always read your loan contract carefully and make sure you understand everything. That way you know where you stand.

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If you still have plans for refurbishment, we strongly recommend that you consider at least the renovation or renovation in 2017. You can only co-finance a house with your current mortgage loan this year.

In 2018 you must appeal to your equity

This is no longer possible from 2018. You will then have to appeal to your own savings. Or you take out a loan for that. You notice that mortgage loans and all the rules around it are getting stricter. For example, from 2018 you can no longer take out a higher mortgage loan than the purchase price of a home. Where it was previously possible to finance an extra construction such as a dormer, kitchen or extension, that is now impossible. You may wonder if there are other possibilities to add extra money in addition to your mortgage loan. For example, by taking out a personal loan .

Take out a loan in addition to an existing mortgage loan?

diy 932183 960 720 300x200
If you already have a mortgage loan, you can also take out a loan. However, you must meet a number of strict conditions. In this case, the lender, with whom you make a loan application, looks at the possibilities and how much money you can borrow. A number of things that are looked at very well are:

  1. Your family composition.
  2. Your income.
  3. Your age.
  4. Your fixed costs (including any other loans).
  5. And of course the height of the mortgage loan.

Always pay attention to the future

Even if the lender agrees with the application, you have to think twice about whether it is necessary to borrow extra for a renovation. Can you also bear that extra burden in the future? Even though we can not advise you, we advise you to look further than your own nose is long. By this we mean that your own bank will never make a competitive loan proposal. Therefore, compare multiple providers of personal loans with each other. Elderly people can also borrow cheap money with a renovation loan .


Is the problem of interest-only mortgage loans greater than we think? Tue, 12 Feb 2019 04:15:15 +0000 Read more »]]>

Many Dutch people have ever taken out an interest-only mortgage loan . They do not have to repay anything during the term. About 15 to 16 years old, many people who have taken out this form of mortgage loan reach the end of the term. Many homeowners have, however, probably been able to build up insufficient capital by that time. Problems arise for those households. Is the problem of interest-only mortgage loans greater than we think?

Prediction of Bank

Bank also anticipates problems and in particular for future pensioners with a mortgage loan interest-only mortgage loan. In 16 years, from 2034, many of these mortgage loans will reach the end of their term. For example, from 2034 – 2038, a mega amount has to be paid off: 340 billion euros. The Dutch Central Bank estimates that the total capital that has been accumulated is far too little to be able to repay the mortgage loans: 120 billion euros. It means that a new financing must be requested for the remainder.


money 2387090 960 720 1 300x200 But it is not that easy, requesting a new financing for a residual debt. of Bank says that people should not think about that as easily. For example, one should be aware that the pension income may be too low to apply for a new financing. The bank is afraid that in the future a large group of retired homeowners with a mortgage loan interest-free mortgage loan will have to sell their property because they will not receive any new financing. And even though the income is sufficient by that time, then one can still have to deal with exorbitantly rising housing costs.

mortgage loan interest relief

These rising costs have an important cause and that is the mortgage loan interest deduction. The Dutch can only benefit from this deduction for 30 years. And since the mortgage loan payments for a interest-only mortgage loan consist solely of interest, the expenses can double when the mortgage loan interest deduction right disappears. In this case, you must assume that the interest rate is higher than at this time.

Interest + mandatory repayment

When the right to interest deduction disappears after 30 years, you as a home owner with a new financing suddenly have to deal with much higher charges. In addition, you also have to repay the new financing on a linear basis (with a linear mortgage loan ) or annuity (with an annuity mortgage loan ). And the older you are by then, the shorter the maximum term of the new mortgage loan will be. This means that you pay a much higher mortgage loan payment per term.


What is the interest rate development for mortgage loans in August? Tue, 12 Feb 2019 04:12:12 +0000 Read more »]]>

Are you curious about how mortgage loan interest will develop in August? We have sorted out a few things for you. As you may have already known, there has been a slight increase in mortgage loan interest rates in the past period. Is this increase now continuing? Or does interest remain stable?

Why did mortgage loan interest rates rise in recent weeks?

In the past weeks, the interest rate for mortgage loans has risen slightly. Before that the interest rate was historically low. The reason for the current increase can be found in the capital market interest rate that has been raised. This rise was in turn caused by various statements by policymakers. Nevertheless, it is expected that the low mortgage loan interest rate will remain. At least for the coming period. This is due to the purchase of money loans in the EU by the central bank. The so-called ‘policy interest rate’ therefore remains low. Even now inflation in the EU is increasing. Below you can read more about the expected mortgage loan interest in August.

mortgage loan interest rates August 2017

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Lenders adjust their interest rates to rising market interest rates. We do expect that interest rates will remain stable in the last two weeks of August. So no further rise. There are still a number of lenders that will increase slightly.

Further movement of the interest rates

For companies that want to apply for financing after August, they have to take into account loans that are more expensive. Most Dutch banks take into account that after August the increase will continue. Investors are already adjusting their portfolios now. The ECB does, however, want to avoid, at all costs, the sudden changes in the market. That is why they will probably have the phasing out of their purchase programs proceed very gradually. This means that the central bank has some influence on interest rates.

What does this mean for you as a consumer?

In August, therefore, interest rates remain stable. However, after August you do have to take into account a slow but certain increase in interest rates, especially on mortgage loans. Soon after, the interest on other loans will also rise. You can now conveniently switch a mortgage loan or take out a loan with a longer fixed-rate period.


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Congratulations! You have purchased a new home. Which mortgage loan do you choose? The monthly costs depend on the amount you borrow, the interest rate and the type of mortgage loan. A mortgage loan advisor helps you to choose the right mortgage loan. With this information you are well prepared for the interview.

For new mortgage loans you can only deduct the interest under certain conditions. You must repay the mortgage loan in 30 years according to at least an annuity scheme. The linear and annuity mortgage loan are therefore now the most attractive types of mortgage loan.

  • Read more about mortgage loan forms

Security for the financier

Before a lender provides you with a mortgage loan, he looks at two things:

  • Your income: can you pay the interest and repayment?
  • The value of the house: if you can no longer pay the mortgage loan payments, the lender can sell the house. With the proceeds he can then pay the debt.

This gives the lender more security. The interest rate can therefore be reasonably low, compared to, for example, a personal loan. mortgage loan providers must adhere to financing burden percentages (2019). These have been determined by the government. The financing burden percentage is that part of the income that can be used to a maximum of mortgage loan payments. Nibud advises the government on the level of these percentages.

Maximum is not always appropriate

The mortgage loan may not exceed 100% of the value of the home (2019). So you can not co-finance purchase and renovation costs! The exception to this rule is the financing of energy-saving measures (eg roof insulation). Some financiers also offer a discount on the interest rate for such measures. Check with your adviser.

In the case of two-earner households, the second income in 2019 can count for 0.7 when determining the financing burden percentage for the maximum mortgage loan amount.

mortgage loan providers test against legal loan standards how much a household can borrow. Because these standards are based on average budgets, it is possible that the monthly costs do not fit well into your budget. A maximum mortgage loan means substantial savings. Especially if you have specific costs or wishes. Therefore, always look to see if the mortgage loan payments match your own situation and wishes, let us advise you on this.

  • See also: Risks for single earners with a family at closing maximum mortgage loan (

Reduce mortgage loan costs

There are possibilities to reduce your mortgage loan costs. These are the mortgage loan interest deduction and the National mortgage loan Guarantee.

mortgage loan interest relief

The interest on a mortgage loan for the first owner-occupied home is tax-deductible under certain conditions. If at least you use the loan to purchase or improve your home. That saves you a lot of money: between 36 and 49 percent of interest costs. This percentage depends on your income: the higher the income, the greater the benefit.

You can only use interest deduction for new mortgage loans on linear and annuity mortgage loans. For existing mortgage loans interest deduction remains possible in all forms. Your mortgage loan advisor can advise you on this.

Note: the repayment of a mortgage loan is not deductible for the tax, it only concerns the interest.

Tip: Do you have extra savings? With a repayment-free mortgage loan, it can be profitable to repay (part of) your mortgage loan in the interim.

Interest rate fixed

You have to pay interest on the debt that is still outstanding. Often you can fix the interest for a number of years. At the end of this period, the interest rate is adjusted to the then current interest rate. It can be higher or lower than what you pay now. If you fix interest rates for more than 10 years, you can borrow a higher amount than if you fix interest rates of less than 10 years.

National mortgage loan Guarantee

When you take out a mortgage loan with a National mortgage loan Guarantee (NHG), the NHG will take over the remaining debt from the mortgage loan lender in case of payment problems. The issuer therefore always gets paid. That is why the mortgage loan interest rate for mortgage loans with NHG can be lower. In certain cases, the NHG can subsequently cancel the residual debt.

Movie: What is the National mortgage loan Guarantee?

Finance expense percentages

mortgage loans with National mortgage loan Guarantee (NHG) must adhere to the financing burden percentages . This is the part of the income that can be used to a maximum of mortgage loan costs. This arrangement prevents that irresponsibly high mortgage loans are provided. This reduces the risk of forced sales and a residual debt. This is advantageous for mortgage loan lenders and home sellers.


is the maximum cost limit for NHG as of 1 January 2019


Convenient e-book

When purchasing your first home, you enter into a long-term financial obligation. Good preparation for what is affordable helps to make a good choice. The E-book ‘Affordable mortgage loan’ helps you with this.

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We begin this article explaining what a multi-currency mortgage loan is . A multi-currency mortgage loan is a type of loan that can be paid with a currency other than the euro, that is, it is a mortgage loan in which the payment of the installments is in a different currency, usually in yen or Swiss francs, applying also the interest rate corresponding to the currency contracted. The interest rate used in Europe is the EURIBOR, but in the multicurrency mortgage loans it changes and the LIBOR (interchangeable interest rate of the London market) is used. Therefore, if the LIBOR is lower than the EURIBOR, the money to pay is lower, or so the Banks told their clients between 2006 and 2009 to hire them.



At the beginning of everything, multi-currency mortgage loans had prospects for savings, however, over time, those affected by this type of mortgage loan increased. Why? Well, the answer is easy if we understand how a multi-currency mortgage loan works with this example:


20180404163550 728x90 aff i?offer id=22&aff id=1291&file id=435

Marta hires a multi-currency mortgage loan based on:

  1. The European Central Bank puts the price of money at 3.5%.
  2. The Bank of Japan places it at 0.5%.


Based on these data, Marta agrees to sign her mortgage loan in Japan, because it is cheaper.

However, when these percentages change and you turn them around, as it has happened, this way:

  1. European Central Bank 0.5%.
  2. Bank of Japan 3.5%.


Marta will find it much more expensive now to take over her mortgage loan for having hired her in yen and she will have to pay the Bank more money than for the one who hired her.



How to claim a multi-currency mortgage loan is a very common question among those affected by said mortgage loan loan .

What you should do if you want to claim a multi-currency mortgage loan will be to demonstrate the lack of information that you had from the Bank at the time of signing your mortgage loan, that is, you will have to prove the absence of information contained in the Securities Market Law, as well as as the lack of transparency in marketing.

However, you should bear in mind that banks can also show that there was no lack of information on their part and that everything was made clear.

If you do not want to go that far, from Bank , the online comparator of financial products in the country, we recommend that the first thing you do is talk to your bank to change the multi-currency mortgage loan to a normal mortgage loan, that is, your reference currency is the euro.

If this does not bear fruit, cancel the one you already have and open a new one, although this will cost you a lot.

If you still follow them, then go to the first option of all and report to the entity.

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plafond casa 300x157

Plafond Casa is called the specific guarantee loan (target funding ceiling) made available by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti for the disbursement, through banks belonging to the agreement between CDP and ABI (Italian Banking Association), of mortgage loans to certain categories of natural persons for the purchase of residential properties, with priority for the main houses (second homes may also be purchased), and / or for renovations with increased energy efficiency.

The family loan of which at least one disabled person (benefiting from Law 104/1992), but also young couples (under 40, with at least one of the two members of the age) can take advantage of the subsidized loan at fixed or variable rates. less than 35 years that have constituted a family unit for at least 2 years) and large families with at least 3 dependent children.

The amount of the loan that can be disbursed is up to 100 thousand euros for restructuring operations with an increase in energy efficiency; up to 250 thousand euros for the purchase of residential properties; up to 350 thousand euros for joint purchase and renovation operations with increasing energy efficiency on the same dwelling.

The duration of the loan is 10 years for renovations with increased energy efficiency; 20 years for the purchase of the dwelling with or without renovation; 30 years for the purchase of the dwelling with or without renovation.

Interested parties may apply to one of the CDP-ABI member banks that use CDP’s purpose funding to grant mortgages for purchase and / or restructuring. These include: Banca Nazionale Del Lavoro SpA; Banca Monte Dei Paschi Di Siena SpA; Unicredit SpA; Intesa Sanpalolo SpA; Banca Sella SpA, and in any case, even if your bank is not among them, it is advisable to ask if it has joined the Plafond Casa convention.