Downloading music online is a trend that is set to continue for some time to come as per reports. With us, its as good as chancing upon a new solo artist or band at a bar, in the comfort of your confines.

What’s more is that we keep discovering and adding new artists and samples, so that your music tasting adventure never ends.

Q. Why Should I Become A Member?

You don’t have to become a paid member to try out the samples that we have in store for you. However, if you happen to like a certain sample and would love to stream the whole song, then you need a paid membership.

But don’t worry, our membership slabs are extremely down-to-earth with discounts and free giveaways for the lucky few who remain loyal to our small but enthusiastic, on-demand streaming network. Our objective is to build a bridge between music artists and their audiences, all within a legal and ethical framework.

Q. Can I Make Special Requests From Artists?

Yes, you can. In fact, we would encourage all our members to take this route because it gives a huge boost to the confidence of the artists in question that they are in demand. Also, it helps us understand popularity trends and thus integrate more singles from artists that people want to listen to as opposed to having a bunch of songs that are sitting around in our servers taking up premium web-space.