We aren’t like every other music streaming site. Whereas, they buy the rights to specific songs from mainstream artists, we like to focus on the undiscovered gems. Be it clubs, pubs, or even the non-descript, backyard gig, our team is always on the lookout for fresh talent that we believe needs to be heard.

Q. Are You A Record Label?

No, we are not. A record label signs musicians and/or artists binding them to an exclusive contract whereby the company then holds all rights to any and all music produced by said artists within the contract’s stipulated time-frame.

When we discover new artists, we let them use our platform to advertise themselves to the public through samples. This sample shall be a recording, studio recorded or live, it is up to you. When your sample crosses a particular number of hits, we offer the choice to record the full song at our studio, in lossless format, for which we shall take a certain cut off any downloads thereon. We don’t hold exclusive rights, and therefore are not a record label.

Q. How Does The Model Work?

Online music streaming is where we excel. The idea is simple. There are tons of new artists just waiting to be discovered. We basically shorten that distance between obscurity to popularity for an artist by letting him/her feature song sample(s) that a listener may stream for free or download upon request.

As the hits increase, so does the popularity of an artist. From that point on, the artist is free to choose from a variety of marketing paths (models) we have optimized to maximize monetary gains. Of course, this is where payments or contracts come into play.

Q. How Long Do I Have To Be Tied To A Contract?

Any and all contracts are broken down to their lowest level, that being a single song/jingle/musical symphony.  It is for this reason, we don’t have databases for entire albums because we don’t do things the big record label way. Instead, we encourage artists to space adequately between their sample uploads.

We shall hold the rights to samples uploaded into our databases. As for entire songs, we charge a parking fee in that an artist has to keep the song in our database for a time-period as stipulated in their contract. Once that period expires, we would have extracted our profits thus leaving the artist free to remove the song from our database.

Q. What Is A Client Mode?

This is premium service offered to select businesses who wish to use a certain sample or song for commercial purpose. So, they could be an advertising agency looking for an original and catchy tune; video uploaders looking for background music and so on.

So long as both client and artist are enrolled into Client Mode, they can freely talk, negotiate and work out a system where in both parties stand to gain from the collaboration. We shall only charge a fee for membership, and stand to resolve any conflicts that might arise with respect to fair use of intellectual property (songs, jingles etc) within our domain.